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A sad sign of our times, and something that is so not good for people or the Earth, is the huge disconnect between so many of us and the natural world. Much of my life’s work has been in response to this situation.
Something that I love to do is create programs that help people learn about the natural world and foster a deeper connection to Nature.

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Nature for Toddlers, Mountain Pathways for Young Women, Nature: the Natural High, and Guided Full Moon Music Hikes are some of the programs I have designed. Several have won awards, including one that I am particularly proud of, Earth Studies.  Recipient of the Best New Program Award by the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education, Earth Studies annually provides several full days of Nature-based education for over 1200 5th grade students from a school district with around 75% of the students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch (a rather poor district). Tree identification, animal tracking, ecosystems, basic mammalian biology, bird-watching, with lots of language arts, physical education, math…a great program that has reached over 12,000 kids so far.

If you would like to create a similar program, or have a program idea you would like to make happen, I can help.

We can look at curriculum development, educational standards, a budget, funding needs, and all the other facets of taking a program idea and making it happen.