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Speaking to Inspire and “Edu-taine” with Dave Van Manen

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dave van manen public speaker“One of the ways I love to inspire and motivate others in the non-profit, education, health, and environmental fields is through my unique brand of public speaking. My diverse background as a musician/storyteller, non-profit founder and executive director, parent and grandparent, and student of the natural world lend themselves to keynote talks and other presentations that are educational, inspiring and entertaining.”
~ Dave Van Manen

Speaking Topics:

dave van manen colorado trailRanger Dave’s Colorado Trail Fund-Raising Backpack for Nature Education

This program’s combination of an inspiring story, live music, and beautiful photographs of Colorado’s mountain scenery provides conference participants with an opportunity to get an inside look at how a creative Executive Director wove his love for being outdoors with a successful fund-raising effort.

The presentation is designed to inspire attendees to think “out-of-the-box” when confronted with the challenges of raising funds for the important work that we do in bringing young people to Nature.

The program is part lecture and part concert with pleasing visuals, providing conference attendees with a unique change-of-pace from other more traditional types of workshops and presentations. The program is highly entertaining and informative.

Ranger Dave

Kids Unplugged and On the Move

Over the last two or three generations, our children have experienced a profound change in the way they relate to the natural world. This trend is bad for children, it is bad for our communities, and it is bad for the Earth.

Through lecture, music, and slides, Dave explores this trend, the societal forces that contribute to it, and what we can do to counter these trends.

Parents, grandparents, teachers, school administrators, community planners, health care practitioners and many others will find this program highly informative and motivating.

What People Say

dave van manen key note speaker“Our group enjoyed your program so much last year, we want you back to do the program again.” ~ Ann M. Mead, Environmental Management Office, Pueblo Chemical Depot (2014)

“The program was entertaining, informative, and full of important information. Dave obviously knows what he is talking about, as much of his his presentation was based on his own experiences. I now have all sorts of ideas to take with me back to my team.”  ~ Participant at Early Childhood Education Conference (Resource Sharing Day 2013)

“Your Colorado Trail presentation was one of the best talks we have ever had.”   ~ George Williams, Pueblo County Historic Society

“I was so inspired by your presentation of the Colorado Trail Backpack that I have decided to set a huge goal for myself and walk the trail. I set out summer 2013.”  ~ Brad Whitney

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